Chicken Crimpy Declared The King Of All Shapes Flavours

Chicken Crimpy Voted Best Arnotts Shape Flavour

Australia… our most divisive cultural debate is finally over. Arnott’s posed the question and the people have definitively answered the call: Chicken Crimpy is – and always will be – the superior Shapes flavour.

The country’s largest producer of biscuits recently decided to undertake some consumer research. In a voting poll hosted via the official Arnott’s Shapes Instagram account, the national purveyors of moreish, meal-ruining snacks pitted all its greatest hits against one another to determine a favourite flavour.

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As for the margins between each of the aforementioned flavours’ respective popularity, the newly-crowned king Chicken Crimpy managed to secure 22% of Aussie votes, followed by Pizza at 20.15%, BBQ at 20.06%, and Cheese & Bacon at 14%. Savoury only scraped a comparatively meagre 10%, and the perennially-underrated Nacho Cheese only fielded 9%.

There was also something of a divide between generations. Where Pizza appeared to be the most beloved option among millennials, Cheese & Bacon proved to be the biggest winner among the over 65 crowd. Curious.

This isn’t even the first time hard facts have been published by Arnott’s, either. Around this time back in 2020, a bracket pole was hosted via the brand’s Instagram account.

“Australia, it’s up to you. Your all-time favourite snacks are going head-to-head over the next few weeks in a battle that will announce the ultimate Shapes flavour of all-time in the #ShapesBracket,” reads the original post.

Chicken Crimpy, Cheese & Bacon, Pizza, and BBQ were the last flavours standing in the heated semi-finals. Eventually, on this particular occasion, it all came down to the reigning champion and BBQ. Chicken Crimpy walked away victorious, BBQ hit the showers.

So there you have it. Proof x 2.

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