Pizza Hut’s New Big Cheese Dunk Is The Final Boss Of Cheat Meals

Pizza Hut’s New Big Cheese Dunk Is The Final Boss Of Cheat Meals

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Tell your personal trainer the Hot Boy Summer™ plans are off; there will be no summer rig this year. Call up the missus and let her know you’ve sorted dinner. And for the love of God, whatever you do, don’t even think about firing up that dusty disused stove (let’s face facts… you’re a liability in the kitchen). Because Pizza Hut has now dropped the Big Cheese Dunk.

This elegant marriage between European sophistication and the everyman accessibility that made Pizza Hut the powerhouse we know + love today is dead simple in composition, character, as well as appeal: you’re dipping one beloved foodstuff (golden cheesy breadsticks) into the gooey mess of another (their famous mozzarella and cheddar cheese, swirled into a delicious bechamel cheese base).

To paraphrase the immortal words of Talking Heads: this must be the plate.

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Dunkin’ good times is now available in two delectable flavour options: Jalapeño Cheese Dunk and the lactose intolerant operator’s worst nightmare/painful delight, Triple Cheese Dunk. Do yourself the favour… always go full dairy. Even if it hurts (love is pain).

At the heart of this Jurassic Park-ian menu creation is a basic, and extremely wholesome, philosophy: it’s all about sharing. Whether you’re getting stuck into an Italian / New York-inspired slice, seasoned wings, or indeed a Big Cheese Dunk, what unites us together as human beings isn’t some socio-illusion about finding common ground — it’s Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut, on a slow-burning weeknight or rowdy weekend with the mates, is the bind that ties us.

What are you waiting for? Take your guilty pleasure meal to the next level today.

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