New Uber Eats Update Will Let You Order More Than Just Takeaway

New Uber Eats Update Will Let You Order More Than Just Takeaway

In the face of 2020, ordering takeaway food online has become almost a daily habit for hundreds of millions across the globe. Taking the current climate into consideration, the team at Uber Eats decided to give the ubiquitous delivery app a revamp and refresh, introducing an entire host of new features which will allow Aussie users to order much more than just a lazy Thursday night takeaway.

In the coming month – rolling out across all 27 cities that Uber Eats operates in Australia – the app will be welcoming all sorts of local commerce into the family (emphasis on the “local”) – beyond just restaurants. We’re talking grocery and convenience stores, bottle-os, pharmacies, and other retails fronts. Soon enough, the new and improved Uber Eats may very well become the one-stop-app for the majority of your household needs.

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The first cab (or Uber) off the rank is an update to how users order from restaurants. In addition to easier-to-find shortcuts for instant access to your favourite spots – that’s restaurants, as well as grocery stores, butchers, flower shops, etc. – more info about your local area on deals and ratings, plus reordering those favourite meals with just the tap of a button, here’s what else you can expect:

  • Discover new restaurants & hidden gems without scrolling for days
    “When you’re looking to discover a new favourite, you’ll see curated picks for you, like Hidden Gems in your neighbourhood, and Family Favorites with food bundles to feed the entire crew.”
  • Order from multiple restaurants at the same time
    “With group ordering, you can add items from more than one restaurant to a single order.”
  • See what people are ordering right now from restaurants near you
    “Get inspired and maybe even find a new gem to add to your rotation.” 
  • Pickup map with even more information about local spots.
    “Find restaurants offering pickup without the fuss… visual cues on the map make it easy to find your go-to spots, local deals, and see all nearby restaurants by rating.”

“This is Uber Eats becoming the place for instant access to local merchants,” says Daniel Danker. Uber Eats Senior Director of Product.

“Instant access is the new expectation that has come on, it‘s not even a matter of hours or days – we speak in minutes. The local merchants are the fabric of our communities, and they are the ones that have been hit hardest during COVID… What we want to do is take that local connection, and get it working at scale.”