UberEATS Is About To Start Food Delivery In Melbourne

Uber, the all conquering taxi app that users love and governments love to hate, is about to try their hand at disrupting another market in Australia. Food delivery with UberEATS.

UberEATS will launch in Australia this month, with Melbourne as its first port of call, an interesting choice given that Uber is still technically illegal in Victoria. It seems, according to UberEATS Australian head Simon Rossi, the decision came down to the fact that “Melbourne is known probably around the world as being the foodie capital of Australia, [Melburnians] enjoy eating out and cooking, and we feel people will enjoy the option of having quality meals delivered to them through Uber,” he said.

With Deliveroo, Menulog, and Suppertime all vying for supremacy in Australia, the market is already crowded; but if previous history is anything to go by, their pockets will be deeper, their prices lower, and their logistics slicker than the competition.

UberEATS will be downloadable as a standalone app when it launches later this month.