United Airlines’ Invite-Only Restaurant Hidden In Newark Airport

Groucho Marx once said, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Now comes an invite-only club restaurant that you’ll want to be a part of.

United Airlines has launched a secret, invite-only restaurant, hidden away in Newark airport. The restaurant in question is aptly known as Classified, buried within the more easily accessible brasserie, Saison. Select passengers are contacted a few days leading up to their flights based on a mysterious algorithm. The protocol for the chosen few is to then say that they have a reservation. Saison doesn’t take reservations, but Classified does.

Classified seats 36, and has a full-range menu. Anything from gazpacho, to dry-aged porterhouses, and seafood platters. All at market price. This comes as steady competition to the complimentary buffets so many premium flyers have become accustomed to. The real question is if people will be willing to pay for this, rather than eat and drink for free.

Classified is a small portion of Terminal C’s $120 million revamp (USD). This campaign for an improved travel experience will supposedly see as many as 55 stores and dining establishments launching by the end of 2017. United’s Terminal C is running in partnership with OTG. A design company that specialises in the creation and operation of restaurants such as Classified.

The restaurant has already been well received by those who have been. And this will certainly improve United’s public image, given the terrible run they’ve had in the past year. Whether this is incentive enough to fly with United, however, is entirely up to you.