Chris Bumstead Wins Fourth Consecutive Classic Physique Title At Mr Olympia 2022
— 19 December 2022

Chris Bumstead Wins Fourth Consecutive Classic Physique Title At Mr Olympia 2022

— 19 December 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

IFBB professional bodybuilder and internet personality – Chris Bumstead – has successfully defended his Classic Physique title at the 2022 Mr Olympia bodybuilding competition, marking the fourth consecutive year the All-Canadian beefcake has won it across the category’s seven-year lifespan (and furthering his ongoing reign of dominance in the process).

The field had been narrowed down to just Chris Bumstead himself alongside Ramon Rocha Queiroz, Mike Sommerfeld, Urs Kalecinski, as well as former Classic Physique champion Breon Ansley; Bumstead and Rocha Queiroz were later singled out for the final callout hosted at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, and before long, there was a clear winner.

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“I found a lot of untapped potential this year,” the loveable CBum said of his latest victory at the 2022 Mr Olympia bodybuilding competition via social media.

“Next year is going to be dangerous.”

For all the work he’s accomplished in the iron church this past year, Chris Bumstead has been awarded bragging rights for another year, a place in the history books, as well as US$50,000 (AU$74,400); while Ramon Rocha Queiroz pockets US$20,000 (AU$29,800) second place, Urs Kalecinski pockets US$10,000 (US$14,900) for third place, Breon Ansley pockets US$6,000 (AU$8,900) for fourth place, and Mike Sommerfeld rounds out the Top 5 with a comparatively meagre US$4,000 (AU$6,000).

As for the overall king of Mr Olympia 2022, Iranian bodybuilder Hadi Choopan has successfully dethroned Egypt’s two-time champion Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay. Choopan takes home a winner’s cheque amounting to a hefty US$400,000 (AU$595,000). This year, a reported sum of US$1.6 million (AU$2.38 million) has been set aside for the event’s total prize money.

Check out the full run of results of Mr Olympia 2022 below.

Mr Olympia Results (2022)

Mr Olympia Results (2022)

Mr Olympia

1stHadi Choopan
2ndDerek Lunsford
3rdNick Walker
4thBrandon Curry
5thMamdouh Elssibay

212 Olympia

1stShaun Clarida
2ndAngel Calderon Frias
3rdKamal Elgargni
4thAhmad Ashkanani
5thOleh Kryvyi

Ms Olympia

1stAndrea Shaw
2ndAngela Yeo
3rdHelle Trevino
4thMargie Martin
5thBranka Njegovic

Fitness Olympia

1stMissy Truscott
2ndJaclyn Baker
3rdAriel Khadr
4thSarah Kovach
5thMichelle Freuda-Mensah

Figure Olympia

1stCydney Gillon
2ndJessica Reyes Padilla
3rdLola Montez
4thJossie Nathali Alarcon Beceera
5thNatalia Soltero

Women’s Physique Olympia

1sNatalia Coelho
2ndSarah Villegas
3rdBrooke Walker
4thBarbara Menage
5thIvie Rhein

Classic Physique Olympia

1stChris Bumstead
2ndRamon Rocha Queiroz
3rdUrs Kalecinski
4thBreon Ansley
5thMike Sommerfield

Men’s Physique Olympia

1stErin Banks
2ndBrandon Hendrickson
3rdDiogo Montenegro
4thCharjo Grant
5thEdvan Palmeira

Bikini Olympia

1stMaureen Blanquisco
2ndJennifer Dorie
3rdAshley Kaltwasser
4thDaraja Hill
5thLauralie Chapados

Wellness Olympia

1stFrancielle Mattos
2ndIsabel Nunes
3rdAngela Borges
4thKassandra Gillis
5thRayane de Souza Santana

Wheelchair Olympia

1stHarold Kelley
2ndGabriele Andriulli
3rdAntoni Khadraoui
4thJean Pierre Kavalin
5thAdelfo Cerame Jr.

Mr Olympia Winners (Historic)

2022Hadi Choopan
2021Mamdouh Elssbiay
2020Mamdouh Elssbiay
2019Brandon Curry
2018Shawn Rhoden
2017Phil Heath
2016Phil Heath
2015Phil Heath
2014Phil Heath
2013Phil Heath
2012Phil Heath
2011Phil Heath
2010Jay Cutler
2009Jay Cutler
2008Dexter Jackson
2007Jay Cutler
2006Jay Cutler
2005Ronnie Coleman
2004Ronnie Coleman
2003Ronnie Coleman
2002Ronnie Coleman
2001Ronnie Coleman
2000Ronnie Coleman

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