Ride Along With Luxe Listings’ Gavin Rubinstein

To celebrate with the latest season of Luxe Listings, our very own James Want stops by Queen Street in a Range Rover Vogue Autobiography to pick up TRG’s Gavin Rubinstein. The agenda? All the important things – cars, success, property and passion.

The headline talent of the series and friend of BH offers his perspective on the surging popularity of both the reality TV show and the subject it’s based on. The series blew up after the release of its first season on Amazon Prime Video nearly two years ago and has gone on to become the backbone of every conversation around Sydney’s sky-rocketing real estate market.

James goes on to quiz him about his role models, all of which (unsurprisingly), are immensely successful heavyweights in their respective fields.

As they cruise through the suburbs of Eastern Sydney, the pair talk over Gavin’s career highlights, touching on some of the big deals he has landed over the years, and what success looks like for him as he matures throughout his career.

Boss Hunting TV is in full swing over on our YouTube channel – subscribe below and stay tuned for more in the very near future. Luxe Listings is streaming now on Prime Video.