A 400-Person Superyacht Club Experience Is Coming To Brisbane

Brisbane has always been known to locals and visitors alike as the ‘River City,’ and fair enough, the Brown Snake is a beauty in her own right. This close proximity to the water, along with the city’s ability to draw some big-time heat makes Brisbane perfect for a ripper boat party.

Although this business idea might be an obvious one, no one has really held the monopoly on the boating/partying dichotomy – until now, at least. YOT Club is set to be Brisbane and Gold Coast’s hottest new attraction, claiming the title as the ‘world’s first superyacht entertainment venue.’ The licensed boat can fit up to 400 guests over two levels, with plenty of room for a dance.

The YOT Club will offer a range of premium hospitality experiences – whether voyagers are after a breezy sit-down dining experience or a steamy stand-up and dance arrangement, or maybe a bit of both. For added exclusivity, there’s an invitation-only lounge on board called ‘The Green Room’ which includes a cocktail bar and specialised dining menu.

With both general and ticketed events, the YOT Club will also be available for private functions. All we know at the moment is that the experience will be available sometime this summer. With only one month left in the season, an educated guess would assume that YOT Club will be boarding sometime within the next few weeks.

You can get your updates directly from YOT Club’s website.