The League – Introducing Tinder for the Elite

The League – Introducing Tinder for the Elite

The League is the newest kid on the block in terms of dating apps, but it does things a little different. Launched late in 2014 in beta mode for San Francisco, the League is steadily growing, having just opened its doors for New York City’s most eligible. The app boasts itself as an ‘elite’ Tinder, whereby its special algorithm scans peoples LinkedIn profiles in an attempt to confirm they are “doing something with their lives”, aiming to pick out the ambitious an cream of the crop of the singles pool. It was founded by Stanford graduate Amanda Bradford who is aiming to redefine the online dating world by curating and limiting the prospects available on the site.

The app already has a waitlist of over 100,000 people, letting in a finite number of new members from this list each day at 5pm, being sure to maintain a 50:50 male to female ratio. The only way to cut this waitlist is to receive an invite from a VIP member – someone who is showing success on the app.

The League is trying to differentiate itself from the competition by not only screening its members, but also kicking out users who don’t respond or are “flaky”. It also tries to settle the nerves of potential members who have resisted joining other apps like Tinder because they have been uncomfortable with the possibility of being recognised. The app allows you to limit who sees your profile, including Facebook friends, Linkedin contacts and even people who may not meet certain criteria. Bradford hopes that this feature will mean some highly successful singles will feel a little more comfortable joining the League. The League has been sure to develop messaging to distinguish itself from Tinder, adopting the hashtag #getmeoffTinder. The app even throws parties for its “allstars” that set up a profile and stay active. It’s definitely in the business of keeping its VIPs happy, with claims that it is getting its top users (those with a 80%+ success rate) to sign a contract not to use other dating apps and in return get the opportunity to check out highest performers first, as well as first shot at “new talent”.

No word yet as to where the League plans on going next, let alone when it plans to hit Aussie shores for all you elitists looking for your number one out there. It claims the next city for rollout will be chosen based on sign ups to the waitlist, so hop online and get yourself on the list if you want to see it in your city. It’s like the daunting anticipation of being chosen in the schoolyard pick, all over again, online.

Seems we may have to wait a little longer before captains chose their sides.