What Women Look For During One-Night Stands (According To Science)

What Women Look For During One-Night Stands (According To Science)

I believe it was Freud who once claimed that 70% of human behaviour was for the purpose of sex. And while the same Freud prescribed patients cocaine and told everyone we all want to sleep with our parents – I think he might have been onto something.

Since the dawn of time, men have pondered the desires of women. To this day, there’s still a large demographic of the population dwelling in caves and searching the stars for answers. Based on what I’ve personally witnessed on a Sunday afternoon at Coogee Pavilion, there are definitely a few cro-magnons still roaming the land.

But female sexuality isn’t some grand mystery. While there’s no way we could possibly break it down in the span of a single article, there are a few key points we can extrapolate from statistics.

Here’s what women look for during one-night stands according to science.

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Appearances don’t matter (except when it does)

This one’s a bit of a two-sided coin (or as regular people would call it – a coin). Attraction is subjective, yes. And there’s someone for everyone, etc. But research has indicated there’s something of a criteria that would be beneficial to meet.

As in all aspects of life, endless surveys and research prove hygiene is key. Ensure you’re well-groomed, trimmed nicely from head to toe, maybe throw on a clean shirt, and spritz a scent on.

In terms of touchpoints outside your immediate control, we arrive at the matter of height. According to a study conducted by Dr Virginia J. Vitzthum with the University of Göttingen (sample size: 68,000 heterosexual women), 89.5% of women prefer a sexual partner taller than them while only 11.9% deemed it not important. There’s not much to be done about this one, you simply have to play the genetic cards dealt to you.

What Women Look For During One-Night Stands (According To Science)

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The size issue

On a positive note, the same study that placed height as a priority also indicated an average-sized boat will dock in the bay just fine as opposed to your larger war frigates.

The ideal size varies from woman to woman, as you’d expect, but research has shown that while preferable penis length stays the same for both casual encounters and long-term partners (6.4 inches), it was girth that changed accordingly. As another study from UCLA suggests, women on average preferred slightly smaller penises (4.8-inches) in long-term partners “for reasons such as physical comfort and a preference for less masculinity”, as opposed to the average for one-night stands (5.0-inches).

Fun fact, 29.1% of women actually view the average physique as quite desirable. So there’s no need to get anxious about not being Johnny Sins. Above or below the belt. Work on the motion of the ocean and try not to be a one-pump chump.

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Foreplay is non-negotiable, put in the “work”

The big secret’s out. Turns out you have to cultivate a desire for there to be any. Shocking. What a surprise. For anyone still doubting this in the 21st century, let me put it to you this way. Try going down a waterslide without the water. Yeah, didn’t think so.

Director of Research & Development at Women and Couples Wellness, Dr Steven McGough, examined the stages of sex across 150 heterosexual couples. And what he found was that both genders typically agree on the optimal amount of foreplay being somewhere around the twenty-minute mark.

Further research, however, has supported the ‘more is better’ argument that pushes this figure to half an hour plus. While one-night stands are arguably less intimate (and thus usually result in fewer warm-up acts), think of it as a general rule you should always apply in the bedroom.

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one-night stands

The “work” itself

How to put this delicately… it’s like you’re Bruce Springsteen and you want to pull out all the classic hits. The classic hits being a heavy focus on the three most sensitive parts of a woman’s body backed by Saketh Guntupalli, MD: lips, nipples, and clitoris. Bonus points for a playful visit to the neck and ears. Keep the sensitivity aspect in mind, there are a whole lot of nerve endings here, so apply pressure delicately. Harder and faster do not equal better.

Similar to Springsteen, you’ll also want to take your sweet time. Don’t rush through the discography. You’ll get more bonus points for going above and beyond to make her feel more relaxed.

Here’s a WikiHow on basic massage techniques. And here’s where you can find some pretty decent candles.