What Is The Average Penis Size According To Science?

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It’s uncanny how almost every bloke on Earth knows the exact measurement of their schmeat down to the millimetre. But in a post-Pornhub world, knowing your sexual dimensions is simply essential personal knowledge – right next to your height, weight, and blood type. A post-Pornhub world does, however, come with certain drawbacks (and we’re not just referring to the puzzling rise of “step porn“). Given how the notoriously sensationalised form of adult entertainment requires a certain, shall we say, cinematic flair – which many take to be hard reality, never before has there been more confusion surrounding the average penis size. So much so that as much as 45% of men believe they have a small penis.

The average penis size (global)

The human penis and testicles typically stop growing once you hit 18 (towards the tail end of puberty). After that, you’re generally stuck with what you have unless there’s any kind of medical intervention – extra-curricular or otherwise (more on that later).

So just how big is the average penis size? For the longest time, studies relied on self-reporting, suffering from volunteer bias and perceptions of social desirability. Which obviously impacted the reliability of data collection. No one likes to admit they’re packing light equipment, and even the most adequate operators have been known to sell an extra bit of sizzle with the proverbial steak.

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According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology International which has synthesized data from a total of 17 academic papers – providing a substantial sample size of 15,521 men from all around the world – here’s what’s actually considered average.


The global average penis size when it comes to a flaccid and pendulous (hanging) phallus is 3.61 inches (9.16 cm) in length and 3.66 inches (9.31 cm) in girth. While the latter detail appears improbable, keep in mind girth is measured at the widest section of each participant’s penis. And you’d be surprised at how deceiving a circumference can be.


When the soldier is standing to attention, there’s obviously more to consider. The global average size of an erect penis is 5.16 inches (13.12 cm) in length and 4.59 inches (11.66 cm) in girth. If you’ve got anything more than that, you’re doing just fine. If you fall under, I’m sure you have an incredible personality with strengths outside of the bedroom. Chin up, kings.

Distribution by country

Different populations yield a different average penis size. Without delving into racial stereotypes, I think we all know where this one is going. Based on statistics from World Data and World Population Review, the countries with the world’s largest average penis size (length) are as follows:

  1. Ecuador – 6.93 inches (17.61 cm)
  2. Cameroon – 6.56 inches (16.67 cm)
  3. Bolivia – 6.5 inches (16.51 cm)

… and as for the countries with the world’s smallest average penis size (length), here they are for your curiosity:

  1. Cambodia – 3.95 inches (10.04 cm)
  2. Burma – 4.21 inches (10.70 cm)
  3. Taiwan – 4.24 inches (10.78 cm)

Right down the middle of 88 countries is Australia – 5.69 inches (14.46 cm).

Distribution by size

The graph provided below shows the global size distribution of overall penis sizes (length). As you can see, a 6.3-inch / 16 cm erect penis falls in the 95th percentile. Meaning out of 100 men, statistically speaking, only 5 would have a penis larger than 6.3-inch / 16 cm.

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How to correctly measure your penis

Contrary to the assertations of South Park, there isn’t a complex weighted formula for working out how much cock you’ve got. The scientific method simply requires you to start from the pubic bone all the way to the tip of the glans (on the top side of the penis). Make sure you compress any fat covering the pubic bone before breaking out the measuring tape – and no, the foreskin does not count. Circumference, on the other hand, should be measured from the base of the penis or around the middle of the shaft.

The penis size women prefer

As to be expected, the ideal size will vary from woman to woman. You’ll come across a size queen every now and then, but you’ll also come across someone looking for more reasonable sexual dimensions. Research has proven that while the preferred penis length stays the same for both casual encounters and long-term partners (6.4 inches), girth was the true determining factor.

As per the following study from UCLA, on average, women prefer a more moderate 4.8-inches in long-term partners “for reasons such as physical comfort and a preference for less masculinity”, in comparison to 5.0-inches for one-night stands. And as an added bit of reassurance, 29.1% of women actually view the average physique as quite desirable.

So once again, as we’ve previously communicated, there’s no need to get anxious having to be Johnny Sins. Above or below the belt. Like we’ve said before, make an effort with the foreplay, work on the motion of the ocean, and try not to be a one-pump chump.

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“How do I get a bigger penis?”

Contrary to all those articles about jelqing – stretching the soft tissue out through exercises – cutting-edge pumps, and “miracle supplements” which falsely claim to guarantee results, there is no natural way to increase the size of your penis. The only option is surgery – and it should be deemed an absolute last resort.

From silicone implants to cutting a ligament so it can hang further, whatever fat injections/plasma injections/fillers a surgeon may want to peddle – for all the potential risks these so-called expensive solutions offer, by in large, they simply aren’t worth it. If something goes just a little wrong, you’re looking at permanent and irreversible damage that’ll likely compromise your penis functioning properly at all.

Where 45% of men believe their penis to be small, the same set of statistics indicate 85% of women are satisfied with what their partner brings to the table. Our advice? Keep the hedges trimmed for a good sense of scale, have some confidence in who you are, and as always, foreplay is key.