This Flying Surfboard Means You’ll Never Need Waves Again

This Flying Surfboard Means You’ll Never Need Waves Again

Surfing can sometimes be a challenge when you’re constantly at the mercy of the weather. There’s nothing worse than trekking it out at 5AM for some promised waves only to sit flat for an hour. With this new electric surfboard, that’s about to be a problem of the past.

The eFoil is a carbon fibre board that runs on its own motor connected to a ducted propeller. Powered by a waterproof rechargeable lithium battery, a two and a half hour charge is all it takes. From there, you will be able to ride at approximately 15 mph for one hour (or variations of that speed x distance).

On the subject of speed, the eFoil can reportedly reach an upper limit of 25 mph. So you’ll be cruising a little faster than your average doggy paddle. From what has been shown, the rig seems to run rather smoothly. And the best part is, manoeuvrability has not taken a hit in the slightest. This is rather surprising considering the extra weight.

In terms of control, you’ll be able to steer your streamlined vessel via wireless remote. As with the standard nowadays, it will have Bluetooth capabilities. Additionally, components break down into easy to pack pieces, and there is potential for self-customisation.

The eFoil does not come cheap. Pre-orders will currently run you up to $7,832.63 AUD for the board alone, and a total of $12,000 with shipping and taxes. And you might have to wait a while, with current estimated delivery time being anywhere between five to six months. Next Christmas, perhaps. 

Read more about and pre-order the eFoil here at the LiftFoil site.