This Portable Microwave Is Every Tradie’s New Best Friend
— 8 May 2023

This Portable Microwave Is Every Tradie’s New Best Friend

— 8 May 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

From last night’s leftovers to frozen meat pies, microwavable foods are the foundation of every tradie’s food pyramid. And to make heating up the nutritious goods at worksites that much easier, Japanese power tools manufacturer Makita Corporation – who clearly knows their demographic – has introduced a completely wireless portable microwave.

Powered by a rechargeable 40V Max XGT battery with dual battery terminals for extended runtime, at its absolute peak performance, the Makita Portable Microwave reportedly has enough juice to heat/reheat approximately 11 lunches or 20 drinks. Depending on said lunches and drinks, of course (i.e. refrigerated vs frozen).

In more precise numbers, you’re looking at a range of 500 watts for 15 minutes (2x 4.0Ah batteries) to 35 minutes (2x 8.0Ah batteries).

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The Makita Portable Microwave also features an incredibly durable design, tempered glass door, dust + water-resistant construction, and all to ensure nothing can spoil your opportunity to enjoy a hot feed on the job. The dimensions of this bad boy are as follows:

  • 255 mm x 241 mm x 120 mm
  • 8-litre capacity
  • 8.9 kg (skin weight) | 9.9 kg (weight with battery)

As for the matter of price, over in Japan, it retails for ¥71,500 ($785). Here in Australia, however, it’ll cost you a considerably pricier $999 (via Total Tools).

Bonus: Domestic purchases come with a complimentary toastie maker.

Makita Portable Microwave: The Tradies' New Best Friend

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