Matthew McConaughey Can Read You A Bedtime Story With This Sleep App

Matthew McConaughey Can Read You A Bedtime Story With This Sleep App

In the hierarchy of the top three most soothing things to ever exist, it goes: Post-dinner warm soup belly on a frosty winter night first; Having plans you didn’t want to go to in the first place cancelled by someone else second; And Matthew McConaughey’s honey-coated Southern drawl third (shivers).

Presenting Calm: a sleep app that promises to help you effortlessly drift off into a satisfying slumber, and it just so happens to include an option to have Matthew McConaughey tell you a bedtime story.

Clocking in at a duration of thirty-five minutes – more than enough time to reach that zen stage of (un)consciousness – McConaughey’s story will supposedly take you on a journey of “a grandfather explaining the magic of the universe and of life itself to his granddaughter.”

Which, if it even remotely pans out like what I’m currently imagining, will go down a right treat complete with all the signature McConaughey-isms we know and love.

McConaughey’s bedtime story also comes with a two-minute prologue wherein the Interstellar actor poses introspective and meditative questions. Questions such as, “How often do we ponder the depth of the present moment?”.

Though the app itself offers far more than this McConaughey bedtime story (although we understand that this is probably the major drawcard). In addition to the headline-making content featured, Calm holds over 120 sleep stories ranging from classic tales, “music sleep stories”, even recordings from Bob Ross himself – the bloke who actually snags the number four spot on my most soothing things to ever exist list.

But if pre-bed stories aren’t your thing, there are also meditation, movement, and music offerings to explore. All designed to let you achieve what will hopefully be a fuller and more restful sleep.

You can get a little taste of what to expect in the video above as well as a compilation of every story McConaughey has ever told on screen in the video below. And for those of you who are ready to go through with it right this instant, head on over to the Apple or Google Play stores or find out more at