The Precise Moment Samsung Had Everyone Believing In The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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Almost a week on from Samsung’s UNPACKED 2020 event, you will have probably heard about their insanely specced out Samsung Galaxy S20 series. As well as the Z Flip foldable which practically defies physics. 

There was, however, something that the media didn’t cover as much – one that we at BH personally witnessed. I’m speaking, of course, about the precise moment Samsung had everyone wholeheartedly believing in the sheer technical ability of the S20 Ultra (and the precise moment that had every attendee saying “oh shit!”).

Let me set the scene…

The Precise Moment Samsung Had Everyone Believing In The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Tuesday, last week. 11 AM. The Palace of Fine Arts. San Francisco. 

The event kicked off pretty stock standard. The presentation was impressive, sure. And the devices even more so. Though at this point in time, it’s worth noting that there is a big difference between reading a spec sheet and seeing it in living colour (but more on this later). 

The physical layout of the entire event was basically that of a vast auditorium, in the tradition of an early Roman senate or, indeed, the coronation of an ascending monarch. Multiple enormous screens of incredible proportions were suspended along the sides with an even larger principle screen on stage in full glory. As expected, it was projecting images in impressive detail. Maximum resolution. Without a fault. Still, all pretty stock standard. 

That’s when the turn occurred. Something that none of us expected. If any of Samsung’s rivals were in the audience, even they would have shaken their heads with a smile at the sheer audacity. The daring. The simple genius of it all.

As President & Head of Mobile Communications Business, Dr. TM Roh, concluded his portion of UNPACKED 2020, he paused. He’d been hiding a secret from everyone in the audience. A secret that was about to hit us harder than an early 2000s spin bowl from Warnie himself.

The Precise Moment Samsung Had Everyone Believing In The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Roh walked over to a nearby camera rig. The bulk of it hadn’t actually been a camera at all. At least not the usual television grade broadcast kit we had initially assumed. It had been a case of classic misdirection. With a smile, he made the grand reveal…

And plucked an S20 Ultra from the front of the rig. This entire time. The detail, the resolution, the flawlessness of it all. Streaming from a fucking engineering production model phone this entire time — not even the finalised commercial product. 

But this moment wasn’t just a masterclass in showmanship or even mic dropping. It was also one in being dignified. Without making a meal of it, Roh thanked the crowd, exited the stage, and the ball just kept rolling.

Eat your heart out, Tim Cook.

Watch the official replay above (and skip to 23:33 to witness this story all over again). 

And for those of you who missed it, check out our quick walkthrough of the Z Flip foldable below.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series will be available to purchase in Australia from March the 6th of 2020. Pre-orders are now open and will come with the new Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

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