ABT Unveils Its Menacing Rework Of The Audi RSQ8-R


While it doesn’t quite compare to a certain custom rig capable of generating 1,010 horsepower and 1,248 Nm of torque, to celebrate its 125th anniversary, ABT have pulled out all the stops for a custom Audi RSQ8-R of its own, tuned for performance that’ll have you pressed back against the leather seat.

Taking the already formidable production specs of 600 horsepower + 800 Nm of torque and upping the ante to 740 horsepower + 900 Nm of torque, ABT’s RSQ8-R has been engineered to do the 0-100 dash in approximately 3.4 seconds, as well as achieve an impressive top speed of up to 315 km/h (optional speed increase spec). Rounding out this whole aspect of boosted technical grunt, the German automotive outfit has also taken it upon itself to provide some more acoustic grunt thanks to the stainless steel ABT exhaust system with four 102-mm end pipes.

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Visually, ABT’s RSQ8-R features a new widebody aero kit to really lets your nuts (metaphorically) hang. With individual carbon fibre elements – front skirt add-ons, front lip add-on, mirror caps, side skirts, wheelhouse ventilation, fender extensions, rear skirt add-on, rear spoiler – it’s safe to say the name of the game here is presence. And presence is plentiful.

The interior, on the other hand, has been described as “sporty”, apparently presenting itself “as the highest level”. From the ABT steering wheel upgrade, start-stop-switch-cap, revised centre console, and signature ABT seat refinement, it’d certainly be hard to fault the design in any profound capacity.

The ABT Audi RSQ8-R will be strictly limited to just 125 examples (one for each year in operation). The total cost of the upgrade is €69,900 (AU$110,000) on top of the base car price.

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