The Airbus ACH160 Is A Decent Way To Spend $18.5 Million

The Airbus ACH160 – a premium version of the H160 – has been designed for all the movers/shakers, dealmakers, and name-takers of this world. Representing the very pinnacle of the modern Airbus vision, as per the company’s own words, it’s an impressive combination of power and beauty.

Complete with “leading-edge” style and “exceptional performance”, in terms of the basics, the ACH160:

  • can seat up to 10 passengers
  • has a payload of over 1.1 tons for trips under 222 kilometres
  • has a maximum cruising speed of 155 knots (~287km/h)
  • and can fly for 4 hours, 30 minutes

The interiors have been accomplished in collaboration with Pegasus Design – introducing expansive windows for more natural lighting, the finest leatherwork and wood with eight coats of varnish, soft handmade carpet, as well as advanced onboard technology that promises to deliver an incredibly intuitive experience (“technology works best when it goes unnoticed”).

Like the regular H160, the ACH160 features the latest flight deck from Helionix, which apparently decreases the amount of work required for the pilots of these sky chariots. Powering the entire rig is a next-gen turboshaft engine which is a remarkable improvement on the fuel-efficiency front… and the cherry on top? An upgraded stabilizer and “sound-reducing” rotor blades. Because relaxation isn’t quite relaxation without a little peace and quiet.

Like many premium offerings, the ACH160 can be custom-tailored to the customer’s desire – from the seating arrangements, interior furnishing, to an entire host of optional equipment which apparently makes it a better ride. But for a starting price of US$14 million (AU$18.47 million), I’d say it’s already pretty set.

Check out the Airbus ACH160 below.