The Estrella Superyacht Concept Is Some Next-Level ‘Star Wars’ Shit

Estrella Superyacht Concept Star Wars Fighter

Sharp, aggressive designs pretty much always looks good. Be it in deep space or deep water, there’s something deeply satisfying about an object carving through its environment – and the Estrella Superyacht concept is just further confirmation.

The concept vessel designed by South Korean talent, Yeojin Jung, seems to have taken some direct inspiration from the set of Star Wars, given its strong resemblance to both a Y-Wing fighter and the sleek form of a Naboo Royal Starship.

The superyacht has a tri-hull structure, with the main hull connected to two smaller hulls by a set of wing-like bridges which, according to the designer, divides “the hull wings into three volumes.”

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Capable of accommodating for up to 20 guests thanks to the three pronged structure, each guest is provided an “intimate experience with nature by providing an innovative layout.” While the obvious parallels have been drawn between the Estrella Superyacht and science-fiction, Jung explains the real-life inspiration for what we see today was drawn from cantilevered architecture; wherein sections of buildings jut out into empty space, appearing to be supported by nothing.

The Estrella Superyacht concept won the Bronze Medal in the A’ Design Award & Competition for 2021, but while the trident-shaped weapon on water looks like it could take off any minute now, at the current stage, there’s no confirmation regarding whether the design will ever see physical production. However, as Jung points out, there were 226,450 ultra-high net worth individuals around the world as of 2018. Meaning this superyacht could indeed become a material reality with the requisite scratch.

You can check out Jung’s full design submission below.

Estrella Superyacht
Estrella Superyacht
Estrella Superyacht