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superyacht sales 2021

Why Shipyards Just Can’t Keep Up With Superyacht Demand

Despite what you might assume is a fairly limited market – with your average Joe unlikely to see himself sailing…

Jeff Bezos Superyacht Y721 Oceanco Rotterdamn Koningshaven Bridge De Hef

Jeff Bezos Will Have A Historic Bridge Dismantled For His Superyacht

When you have enough money, laws are merely suggestions and every solitary desire is feasible. Essentially, reality becomes your playground….

Sunreef 140

The Sunreef Super Catamaran Is A 140-Foot Baller’s Delight

Sunreef has been steadily churning out new models of fully customisable, high-design multihulls since 2002. The latest to come from…

tankoa t760 yacht 1

Tankoa’s T760 Apache Is A Luxurious Floating Palace

Since first hitting Italy’s waters, all 250 feet (76 metres) of the T760 Apache from Tankoa Yachts have been nothing…

Wolf Of Wall Street yacht

The Ridiculous True Story Behind Wolf Of Wall Street’s Yacht

Jordan Belfort’s seshes were so legendary that sinking a multi-million-dollar yacht was simply another act of depravity that Martin Scorsese…

Triton 660 AVA

Triton’s Newest Private Submarine Is An Underwater Cocktail Bar

Once you’ve got a superyacht – complete with an accompanying helicopter and perhaps even a small fleet of jetskis –…

Asean Lady asymmetrical superyacht hero

Asymmetrical Superyacht Hits The Market For A Cool $47 Million

While the interior design of a superyacht can be as varied as the designers are creative, most luxury vessels will…

Somnio Apartments Worlds Largest Superyacht

First Look: $15 Million Apartments Aboard The World’s Largest Superyacht

Earlier this year, we covered the construction of a luxury sea vessel unlike any other over in Norway. Billed as…

Lazzarini concept

The Lazzarini Hyperboat Concept Offers Views Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

The world of concept luxury vessels is a pretty wild one, but you’re unlikely to have ever seen a boat… gif maker 13

The Crown Superyacht ‘TITANIA’ To Star In Iconic Diana Scene

As the acclaimed Netflix drama The Crown currently films its fifth and penultimate season, whispers courtesy of BOAT International have…

94719430 6b96 11eb ba39 39bcbc7dcfad Blue II Turquoise Yachts 13

‘Blue II’ Is An Award-Winning Arctic Cruiser Reimagined By Turquoise Yachts

If you were expecting a romantic saga of how a 1960s Arctic buoy-laying ship found a new lease on life…

Tom Brady Yacht Wajer 77

Tom Brady’s $8.3 Million 77-Foot Yacht Is Seriously GOAT Worthy

The dilemma on what to gift yourself after winning your seventh Super Bowl title must be a tricky one. After…