The Bugatti Chiron Gets A Sky View With This New Glass Roof

The Bugatti Chiron Gets A Sky View With This New Glass Roof

I’m the first and foremost advocate of natural lighting not matter what the context. Photography, architecture, day to day life– and yes, Bugatti Chirons. 

Ahead of their official Monterey Car Week debut set to occur in California next month, Bugatti has given the world a sneak peak at its fresh with a “ph” Sky View function for the Chiron. And on Instagram of all places. 

A function that will consist of “… two fixed glass panels in the roof above the driver’s and passenger’s seats…”, Sky View will provide those already lucky enough to ride around in a Bugatti with the opportunity to bathe in natural lighting– sun and moon.

Wind noise has been reduced with infrared radiation reflected away from the body of the vehicle all thanks to the laminated construction comprised of four intermediate thin glass layers. The glass will also be tinted, giving passengers a bit of much needed privacy when rolling in such flash fashion, as well as preventing any dazzling effects. 

And finally, the great joys of life can be found in the most minute details, as it has also been revealed that Sky View will add 2.7 more centimetres of headroom to the Chiron. Every little bit counts, I guess.

Keep an eye out for Bugatti’s scheduled presentation of the all-new the Chiron Sky View at Monterey Car Week, California in August.

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