Taliban Proudly Unveils Its First “Supercar” Featuring A 2000 Toyota Corolla Engine
— Updated on 31 January 2023

Taliban Proudly Unveils Its First “Supercar” Featuring A 2000 Toyota Corolla Engine

— Updated on 31 January 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

The Taliban once again finds cause for celebration as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan pulls the curtains back on the Mada 9 – a prototype of the nation’s very first locally developed “supercar” manufactured by Kabul-based operation ENTOP.

Built over the course of five years by a team of 30 engineers and designers from the Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI), this stunning motoring accomplishment – which was unveiled by Taliban Minister for Higher Education Abdul Baqi Haqqani; and could’ve only been achieved under Taliban rule – represents a wonderous marriage between Afghani innovation and the insurgent-cum-unofficial government’s well-documented love affair with Toyota. An “honour” for the country, if you will.

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In fact, under the hood, you’ll find a humble four-cylinder engine taken straight from a 2000 Toyota Corolla. So at the very least, we know it’s reliable enough for your bog-standard commutes into the bustling capital.

And while the Mada 9’s specs and performance benchmarks have yet to be disclosed – nor has the public been provided with any real on-road/rugged terrain demonstrations of its supposed capabilities, simply slow-moving or static presentations – Head of ATVI Ghulam Haidar Shahamat told Afghanistan’s TOLO News: “If you increase the speed, it’s powerful enough to take it.”

There are even talks of installing an electric powertrain in future variants. Watch your back, Elon Musk.

Authorities have stated discussions regarding the Mada 9 being showcased at international exhibits, sleek Bugatti-inspired form factor and all, to promote the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the world stage are well underway with hopes the sheer hype of this desert-born whip can kickstart their (understandably) struggling economy.

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Under any other circumstance, this notion would be completely laughable, but somehow, we don’t imagine anyone will be making any jokes at the Taliban’s expense directly to their face. Perhaps a nervous smile at most, followed by a barely-restrained chuckle.

“This car will be an ambassador and will drive across Afghanistan and convey the value of knowledge to the people,” said Mohammad Riza Ahmadi, the designer of the Mada 9.

Ahmadi added elsewhere: “I thank God very much that I was able to finish the construction of Afghanistan’s first car. I would like to thank the great national businessmen and the dear people of Afghanistan who stood by my side during this time.”

Production timeline, pricing, and Australian availability TBA.

Note: apply tones of sarcasm wherever you see fit above.

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