— 1 December 2023

The Mansory Mercedes-AMG S63 Is The Apex Predator Of Sedans

— 1 December 2023
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

The world of aftermarket performance customisation is a fascinating (and sometimes frightening) one, and while we’ve covered the jaw-dropping likes of Brabus before, Mansory is a workshop that deserves more love than we’ve given it. Its latest sedan is all the proof you need of this, with the latest Mansory Mercedes-AMG S63 E Performance boasting a sprint time nearly a full second faster than the all-new Aston Martin DB12.

Sure, the DB12 is leaving the factory with its 3.6-second 0-100km/h time and obviously, this S63 is far from stock, but that doesn’t make this Mansory’s 2.8-second sprint time any less impressive, nor its truly terrifying top speed of 320km/h.

The German-based automotive shop has taken the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) base model and customised it with a boosted power unit, aggressively modified body kit, and larger 22-inch forged alloy wheels, as well as a redesign of its interior with upgraded upholstery.

Its most notable changes from a glance are the upgrades to the exterior, with a full carbon bonnet, redesigned front grille, vents, intakes, and a lengthened rear bumper. There’s also an F1-style brake light for the rear diffuser and sport exhaust, to complete the package.

All this translates to a significantly elevated 868 hp (from 791 hp) or 647 kW (from 590 kW), which is all gained from tuning the twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 and leaving the electric unit just as Mercedes-AMG left it. A remarkable car, and as you’d expect, not one that comes cheaply.

The Mercedes-AMG S63 E Performance is, unfortunately, not coming to Australia but that’s not an issue for buyers of this example as the stock car needs to go to Mansory for the mods. So for €208,000, you can have it shipped directly there, pay Mansory another undisclosed amount, then ship it home to be flogged with taxes and on roads.

You’ll need deep pockets and a lot of patience.

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Nick Kenyon
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