Elon Musk Sends Tesla Model X Through Boring Company Tunnel

A man of his word when it comes to engineering and infrastructure, Elon Musk has given the world a preview of the near completed underground LA tunnel. This addition to the existing landscape (underground scrape?) was undertaken by Musk’s The Boring Company in the hopes that it will alleviate the city’s notoriously congested traffic. 

The sneak peak of the would-be future was a rather tongue-in-cheek test run, sending a Tesla Model X from Musk’s other little known venture right through it. Vertical integration is the key to success, after all. And given how the tunnel transit platform is currently looking in action, the commutes of tomorrow are in fairly safe hands.

The Boring Company’s Model X test run was apparently a slower version of things to come, as one would expect from a “test run”. The alternative transit system will transport cars, pods, and the like containing all sorts of commuters to surface world sub-stations.

And now begins the wait for this to arrive at Sydney.