The World’s First Electric Snowbike Arrives Just In Time For Christmas

MoonBikes MoonBike - World's First Electric Snowbike

French startup MoonBikes has confirmed the first pre-orders of its flagship MoonBike – i.e. the world’s first electric snowmobile snowbike – are on track to be delivered by December 2021. But those of you who missed out on Round 1 needn’t worry. This week, the company has also announced pre-orders are now open for the second batch, which will reportedly be available from early 2022.

At roughly two-thirds the size of your average snowmobile and approximately a third of the weight (87kg), this all-electric beauty isn’t just a sleek bit of eye candy. Like real Gs and, indeed, the “g” in lasagna, it moves in silence. Or at least the closest you can get to silence carving it up on a rig like this.

Rated for sub-zero temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius, climbing 40% groomed slopes, as well as being capable of supporting a 120kg payload (driver included), the MoonBike clocks a top speed of 42 km/h with 170 Nm of torque. In terms of its removable lithium-ion battery, with a single unit, we’re looking at 1 hour of fun in Sport Mode and 1 hour 30 minutes in Eco Mode.

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These numbers are bumped all the way up to 2 hours and 3 hours, respectively, with the optional dual battery option. Charging time? 4 hours 30 minutes with a standard brick juicer and 2 hours 20 minutes with the optional fast charger.

“After three years of research and development – and rigorous testing across the French Alps – we are proud to launch a brand-new category of vehicles, led by an innovative patented propulsion system,” says MoonBikes Founder Nicolas Muron.

“Snow lovers now have a sustainable and silent alternative without compromising speed, price, or autonomy as MoonBikes can run up to three hours with a second battery or up to 1.5 hours with one.”

Offered in white and red, a single MoonBike will set you back US$8,500 (AU$11,520). Similar to batch #1, the early 2022 shipment will be limited to just 250 examples, so interested parties best get in quick smart.

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MoonBikes MoonBike - World's First Electric Snowbike
MoonBikes MoonBike - World's First Electric Snowbike
MoonBikes MoonBike - World's First Electric Snowbike