The future of the automotive industry is here. Below you’ll find all the latest news and features on electric vehicles, from electric bikes to electric supercars.

With predictions indicating that virtually every new car sold in 2040 will be electric, it’s never been more important to get ahead of the curve and start learning about the future of transport. Boss Hunting will help you do that by keeping up to date on the latest developments, models, and features as the world’s biggest manufacturers continue to evolve the technology across fully electric cars and hybrids.

Canoo Pickup Truck 1

The Canoo Pickup Is What Elon Musk Wishes Tesla’s Cybertruck Was

If there was a “You vs The Guy She Tells You Not To Worry About” meme about the Tesla Cybertruck,…

Harley Davidson Serial 1 Electric Bike

Harley-Davidson Is Now Selling Its First Electric Bike

If it has anything to do with two wheels, chances are Harley-Davidson know what they’re doing. Only this time around,…

electric cars Australia

5 Electric Cars Coming To Australia That Deserve Your Attention

If you’re in the market for a new car, chances are you’ve thought about going electric. Sure, if you did…

mercedes benz electric G Wagen 1

Mercedes-Benz Reveals Electric G-Wagen Concept

In a seemingly inevitable announcement, Mercedes-Benz has revealed that the undisputed king of off-road SUVs will receive the electric treatment….

Tesla Cybertruck Camper

This $69,000 Tesla Cybertruck Fold-Out Bed Is Perfect For The Post-Apocalyptic Camper

The Tesla Cybertruck looks like it belongs in an apocalyptic future on Mars, which isn’t currently the greatest of camping…

Mercedes Benz Electric 2030

Mercedes-Benz Will Spend $64 Billion To Accelerate Going All-Electric By 2030

“If everybody’s doing it, there’s a lot of guys doing it,” Tom Cruise once said as Vincent Lauria to Paul…

worlds fastest motorcycle White Motorcycle Concept WMC 250EV

British Company’s Formula 1-Inspired Motorcycle Can Break 400 KM/H

White Motorcycle Concepts wants to produce the world’s fastest motorcycle with its all-new electric WMC 250EV. Positioned to shatter land…

Apple BMW self driving electric car

Apple Recruits BMW Veteran For Its Electric Car Project

Apple has hired former senior executive at the BMW electric car division and former CEO of Canoo Inc. – Ulrich…

E1 Series Championship RaceBird

E1 Electric Powerboat Championship Series Reveals The RaceBird

Helmed by the man behind both Formula E and Extreme E – Alejandro Agag – the E1 Series promises to…

Ferrari Confirms First Fully Electric Supercar Will Arrive In 2025

As the auto industry accelerates towards electrification, Ferrari has announced the arrival of its first fully electric supercar will be…

2022 Mercedes EQS All Electric Sedan

Mercedes EQS: Is The All-Electric Luxury Sedan A Tesla Killer?

Mercedes has unveiled the S-Class of the future as curtains draw back on the 2022 EQS all-electric sedan. Debuting via…

sondors metacycle electric motorcycle

The Sondors Metacycle Is A Surprisingly Affordable Electric Motorcycle

Having proven their worth in the e-bike game, California-based manufacturer Sondors have now introduced its very first electric motorcycle to…