— Updated on 4 March 2023

WATCH: Tesla Owner Blows Up Model S Instead Of Paying Expensive Repair Bill

— Updated on 4 March 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

When a Finnish battler by the name of Tuomas Katainen was served up a ridiculous repair bill for his 2013 Tesla Model S, he was presented with two options: A) eat it with a smile and say, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”; or B) make the best out of a very shitty situation. Thankfully, he chose the latter, enlisting the help of YouTube’s Lauri Vuohensilta from the Hydraulic Press Channel and Pommijatkat (Bomb Dudes) for quite the send-off. One that entailed 30 kilograms of dynamite, a rather delightful explosion, and a huge “fuck you” to both Tesla policy and the cult of Elon Musk.

“Well when I bought that Tesla, the first 1,500 kilometres were nice,” reveals Tuomas Katainen.

“Then, error codes hit, so I ordered a tow truck to take my car in for a service.” 

Katainen wheeled his Model S to the mechanic, and an entire month later, discovered the only way to fix the damn thing would be by replacing the entire battery pack – an undertaking that would set him back a minimum of €20,000 ($31,500) due to its expired eight-year / 150,000-mile warranty.

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For reference, here in Australia, the base price of a 2013 Model S was initially $57,400 before increasing to $62,400. Another $31,500, could buy Katainen a brand new car (Tesla or otherwise). In other words, financially speaking, ponying up for the aforementioned repair cost wouldn’t make an ounce of sense.

Dropping a crash test dummy resembling Elon Musk by helicopter onto the detonation site – an old quarry located in Jaala, Finland – the coalition of mad scientists began making the preparations. It wasn’t until everyone was safely huddled inside a nearby bunker, and Faux Elon was strapped into the driver’s seat, did the moment of truth finally arrive. Katainen hit the trigger, and it was game over.

The real kicker? When asked whether he’d ever had this much fun sitting behind the wheel of what used to be his Model S, our man Tuomas replied: “No… never enjoyed this much with Tesla.”

Now that you’ve witnessed Tuomas Katainen’s 2013 Tesla Model S being sent to the Valhalla via explosion, check out the bloke who humped over his wife’s Lamborghini Aventador using his own Lamborghini Urus here.

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