Go-Karting On Ice Is Coming To Sydney

ice karting sydney red bull

Although it may be a popular sport in certain Scandinavian countries – and has previously been used as an event for Red Bull Motorsports – Ice Karting has never really been a thing in Australia. That’s apparently about to change, as experience platform Hidden posts a vague listing indicating that Ice Karting – that’s Go-Karting on Ice – is due to arrive here in Sydney as early as November this year.

Between November 3rd and November 7th, Go Karting On Ice will take place at a facility in Sydney. The only problem is, that specific facility has yet to be unveiled. It may be one of the existing local tracks – which we’ve written about with our round-up of the best go karting in Sydney – or could be an entirely new construction all together. The former is the most likely option, seeing as this event looks to be a pop-up lasting limited to just a few days before Australia gears up for yet another summer season.

Ice Karting is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Instead of a traditional go-karting track like you’d find at HyperKarting or Extreme Go Karting, you take your purpose-built kart on an ice track and hope for the best. In Finland, for example, an outdoor ice karting track has karts that use studded tyres on an ice rink, except the engine is more powerful than that of typical indoor go-karting because all that slipping and sliding requires a bit more control and technical skill.

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Given it’ll be at the start of summer, the ice rink will undoubtedly be indoors and designed with numerous corners for maximum power sliding. Hidden’s listing implies that the track will host up to 8 other “drifters” at a time and anyone participating will race to see who can “rack up the most laps within the time limit, as well as compete for the fastest lap time.”

The Ice Karting rink will be complemented by a bunch of off-track activities to keep the winter theme buzzing, including a winter-themed bar with bespoke cocktails, and traditional winter games like curling, hockey puck shooting, and ice luges.

Tickets for the event will be priced at $75 each, which isn’t much of an ask to take part in what is one of the more unique motorsports that’s rarely seen outside of select European cities. It’s easily worth taking a break from your usual go-kart outing and grabbing your mates for this one.

We’ll update this article if the actual location of the Go Karting On Ice event is revealed, but for now, feel free to speculate by reading through our list of the best go karting tracks in Sydney linked above.

ice karting sydney redbull