Inside The $145 Million Luxury Superyacht That Won At This Year’s Monaco Yacht Show

Among the many headturners at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show was the ‘Illusion Plus’, a $145 million USD luxury superyacht that can only be described as a decadent bit of aquatic comfort. Spanning an impressive 290 feet, with six decks, and housing Rolls Royce diesel-elective propulsion engines, it unsurprisingly took home an award. What exactly for? Interior design.

To even be considered for this award, contending yachts must have been delivered this year, span at least 131 feet (40 metres), and of course, be exhibited by the ship builder at Monaco.

Winning superyachts are chosen by “an eclectic jury of expert journalists” in superyachts. Expert journalists everywhere from the United Kingdom, to Germany, the Netherlands, and even the United Arab Emirates– effectively combining the global tastes of a “worldwide environment”. Well, I’ll just come right out and say it: there are certainly more taxing jobs out there (but on that note, sign me up).

The award recognised the Illusion Plus’ “… beauty, comfort and functionality of the exceptional interior…”. Or at least that’s what the Monaco Yacht Show’s official website says, anyways. Frankly, if you have a superyacht with a helipad, a full blown gym, beauty salons, and not just one, but two jacuzzis… you’re bound to win an award somewhere…

Check out the full gallery above, and Vlogger Jon Olsson’s tour of the yacht below.