Lando Norris Sets Twitch Record After F1 Cancellations

Lando Norris

After the devastation of the Australian GP’s cancellation, drivers were understandably looking to channel their energy into other pursuits – especially with Bahrain and Vietnam on the horizon. Particularly hit hard was McLaren team member Lando Norris, whose team was the first to pull out of the race. But he has since found an easy backup that translates some of his skillset into the gaming world.

A frequent player of – an F1 simulator which has garnered a huge online following – he decided to shake off the bad funk of the cancellation and stream a game for his 200,000 Twitch followers. Participating in the Not The Aus GP event, Lando Norris managed to draw a steady viewership to his feed. With over 70,000 people eventually tuning in, it broke the record for viewers on Twitch’s F1 simulator offering.

Lando treated the game pretty seriously, noting:

“I’m more nervous now than when I drive the actual car.”

He soon got into his groove, though, going up against other sportsmen like Real Madrid goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois.

Check out some clips of his sim racing skills in action below.