The Lister Stealth Jaguar F-Pace SVR Claims To Be World’s Fastest SUV

The Lister Stealth Jaguar F-Pace SVR Claims To Be World’s Fastest SUV

We’re no strangers to the Jaguar F-PACE SVR. Sporting the British marque’s signature 5.0-litre supercharged V8, the naughty and obnoxiously loud ‘family’ performance SUV can put down a 0-100km/h squirt time of 4.3 seconds. What’s more bonkers is that it’s achievably priced at just a touch over AU$140,000. You better believe it, then, that Jaguar-biased autotuner Lister saw an opportunity and ran with it – teasing an overhauled Lister Stealth Jaguar F-PACE SVR it claims to be the fastest SUV in the world.

Lister’s not talking about off-the-line quick, either, but rather the absolute upper limit of the Jag’s top-speed potential. To do this, the Lister Stealth Jaguar F-PACE SVR will have to pip both Bentley’s Bentayga Speed (305.8 km/h) and the ferocious Lamborghini Urus (305 km/h) for the top slot.

Lister has upped the SVR’s ‘standard’ 550 horses to a staggering 675 horsepower, which it claims will send the two-tonne rocket to a speed “in excess of 320km/h”. If true, such a figure would be lightyears ahead of its nearest competitors.

And it would seem they have the street cred to back it up, too. A few years ago, Lister reworked the Jaguar F-Type to create the Lister Thunder, a batshit crazy weapon that topped out at 335 km/h. You read that right. So it seems that unbelievably fast cars is their forte.

The Lister Stealth Jaguar F-PACE SVR will be produced in limited quantities, with only 250 available. Prices start at about £120,000, and we’ll be incredibly lucky if we ever see any make their way to Australia.

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