Jaguar Land Rover announces plans for going all electric

Jaguar Announces Plans For Going All Electric By 2025

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that the automaker’s luxury brand, Jaguar, is to go fully electric within the next four…

The Search For Scotland’s Best Driving Road

There are few times in life when a man’s bucket list overlaps with that of his father’s – but driving a Jag through Scotland is indeed one of those times.

The Lister Stealth Jaguar F-Pace SVR Claims To Be World’s Fastest SUV

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The modifies Jag was driven by Dave Bautista during the car chase through the streets of Rome

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Jaguar Land Rover do track days better than anyone else, and we’ve done a lot of track days.

Jaguar’s ‘Connected Car’ Will Never See Another Red Light Again, Here’s How

On average, people spend five years of their life waiting in lines, with six months of that spent sitting waiting at traffic lights.

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The $400k Diamond That Went Missing In An F1 Crash At The Monaco Grand Prix

This headline is the least crazy part of this story, it only gets better.

Jaguar’s I-PACE Proves That Electric Vehicles Are No Longer Tomorrow’s Future

48 hours in the air, 24 hours on the ground. We flew to Portugal to experience Jaguar’s first ever electric performance car, the I-PACE.

The Coolest Way To Spec-Out Your Jaguar E-Pace For The Least Amount Of Coin

With a range of $35,000 between the top-line and base offerings, we thought we’d start from the bottom and build the best looking E-Pace for the least amount of money.