Dior Homme x Bogarde’s $3,200 BMX Bike

Dior Homme’s artistic director, Kris Van Assche, has just revealed a second preview of a very special BMX collaboration alongside Bogarde. The preview in question was posted to his Instagram, a month or so from the first, and it really is a thing of simplistic beauty.

Described as a “… contemporary BMX for adults…”, details have been kept as minimal as the design. Though it has been confirmed by recent reports sourced from Business of Fashion that the Paris based bike company and designer are planning to launch the $3,200 USD BMX rider between December 7-9. The slated debut will take place at the Sole DXB Streetwear Festival.

The festival, hosted in Dubai, will actually premiere one of the three designs before releasing available-upon-request at select Dior Homme boutique stores. It is unclear when the world will finally be able to see the other two, though it should be expected soon.

As to be expected in terms of exclusivity, this will be a limited release. There will only be 70 bikes available. But for those fortunate few who do end up getting their hands on one, they will be able to enjoy the signature Dior look and feel of a tailored, monochromatic, and impactful design.