An Iconic Steve McQueen Motorcycle Is Up For Sale

Steve McQueen motorcycle

Steve McQueen remains the King of Cool, one of the Hollywood untouchables whose legacy endures as fiercely as he did in life. McQueen was not only a hero of Hollywood but also of motorcycles, which he was rumoured to own more than 200 throughout his time. And next month, one such motorcycle previously owned by Steve McQueen himself is expected to fetch at least six figures.

The sale, held by RM Sothebys, features one of the most important motorcycles that McQueen ever owned: a 1968 Husqvarna Viking 360. As the story goes, McQueen was watching the 1968 Inter-Am series in Santa Cruz when he noticed the two-stroke that World Champion Bengt Åberg was racing. After speaking with Åberg, McQueen bought the bike on the spot and began his love affair with the Swedish Husqvarna brand.

McQueen is widely recognised as being a key catalyst behind the popularity of Husqvarna in the United States during the 70s (much to the delight of the Scandinavian manufacturer). The Viking 360 that McQueen purchased in Santa Cruz was powered by a single-cylinder, 360cc two-stroke engine which could produce 37 horsepower, while weighing just 215lbs.

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The 1968 Husqvarna Viking 360 in question has changed hands several times since McQueen last swung his leg over it and is currently owned by the proprietor of Blacksmith Garage in Utah. It underwent a loving 14-month restoration back in 2014, ensuring it was in pristine cosmetic and mechanical condition.

This isn’t the only motorcycle owned by Steve McQueen that is due to be auctioned off at the RM Sothebys sale. Also offered in the same sale is a 1970 Triumph Bonneville TR120, as well as a 1970 Solex 3800 that McQueen rode around the set of Le Mans.

So if you’re a fan of Steve McQueen and love living life on two wheels, this is definitely an auction worth checking out. You can check out the lot below, as well as register to bid.

Steve McQueen motorcycle
Steve McQueen motorcycle
Steve McQueen motorcycle
Steve McQueen's motorcycle
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Husqvarna Viking 360cc 3 1600x1067 1
Husqvarna Viking 360cc 8 1600x1067 1
Husqvarna Viking 360cc 6 1600x1067 1
Husqvarna Viking 360cc 5 1600x1067 1