Check Out Nanchang Flight Convention’s Incredible ‘Ghost’ Plane Created By 800 Drones

Guests at this year’s 2019 Nanchang Flight Convention in China were treated to an incredible light display – courtesy of 800 drones.

The drones illuminated the night sky as they performed a choreographed routine during the closing ceremony. The massive light show saw the drones replicate the form of various aircraft including an old school propeller plane, a fighter jet, helicopters, and even a space shuttle. 

The Nanchang Flight Convention is an annual event held over two days. Here, state-of-the-art aviation, space technology, and drone technology is showcased to both the public and the aerospace industry.

Over 100 aircraft from China and other countries were featured this year, with everything from vintage bi-planes to modern fighter jets taking centre stage during the popular event. 

Watch footage of the event posted online by Xinhua Video below.

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