Watch A Range Rover Drive 999 Steps Up A Mountain In China

Jaguar Land Rover is back for one hell of a marketing play after rolling into the record books last year with their inverted Jaguar E-Pace stunt in London.

This time, Land Rover have taken centre stage with their Range Rover Sport PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) sacrificed for the next global stunt dubbed “The Dragon Challenge.”

Made up of 99 turns and 999 steps, the Rangey’s mission was to charge up to Heaven’s Gate atop Tianmen Mountain in China. 

Professional Driver Ho-Ping Tung took on the challenge, specifically in an engine/electric hybrid to give himself the extra torque necessary to climb the 45-degree incline. The utterly terrifying feat would involve a “point of no return” scenario, where any failure once the stair climb had begun would likely mean death.

The 22 minute and 41-second run has been compressed into some of the most suspenseful 6 minutes we’ve yet to see this year.