Jaguar Land Rover

Range Rover SVR Carbon Edition

Introducing The Range Rover SVR Carbon Edition

JLR has delivered a few top-specced goodies to see out the current generation’s twilight years. The crème de la crème…

Lunch Run #16: Felons With The Jaguar F-Pace SVR

Buckle up for the next instalment of our Facebook Watch ‘Lunch Run’ series, where we talk cars, food and a healthy…

For $500 Bucks Each, You & 9 Mates Can Rent A Racetrack Full Of Jaguar’s Latest Sports Cars

Jaguar Land Rover do track days better than anyone else, and we’ve done a lot of track days.

LEGO May Have Just Leaked The 2020 Land Rover Defender

LEGO’s Technic 42110 Land Rover Defender is a 2,573-piece kit that looks suspiciously like the camouflaged 2020 facelift.

Behind The Scenes At Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works

After featuring the Range Rover and Jaguar E-Type Reborn projects, and more recently the Jaguar D-Type Continuation series, the opportunity to take a behind the…

Battle-Tested Land Rover Defender 2020 Teased In New Images

Here it is, love it or loathe it.

James Bond’s “Spectre” Land Rover Defender SVX

Of the ten vehicles used, this modified 110 SVX is the only one not in pieces. Set to go on sale at Goodwood.

Jaguar’s I-PACE Proves That Electric Vehicles Are No Longer Tomorrow’s Future

48 hours in the air, 24 hours on the ground. We flew to Portugal to experience Jaguar’s first ever electric performance car, the I-PACE.

Land Rover’s Defender Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving With Chelsea Truck Co.’s ‘Bigfoot’

If there’s one classic we fully support custom jobs for, it’s the Defender.

The History Of Your Favourite Brands That Hold The British Royal Warrant

Aston Martin, Bollinger, Land Rover – only the best hold the coveted ‘Royal Warrant.’ Here’s a little history lesson behind Lizzy’s favourite brands.

Watch A Range Rover Drive 999 Steps Up A Mountain In China

The phrase “point of no return” found a new meaning in China with this death-cheating stunt by Land Rover.

Jaguar Are About To Release A Cheap As Chips $107k MY18 F-Type In Australia

Nothing about this car seems stock-standard, nor did it ever cross our minds that this version was the cheapest of the F-Type’s 2018 range.