TCCT eClassic Driving Simulators Let You Experience Vintage Cars

A large portion of current driving simulators from Aston Martin to Cranfield focus on realistic high-octane racing experiences. The average joe may never know what it’s really like to be an F1 talent, but rigs such as these will certainly bring you a step closer. The TCCT eClassic, on the other hand, has a different objective. Instead of gunning for maximum G-force and adrenaline, it aims to recreate the more leisurely experience of cruising in vintage automobiles.

“We love these jewels from the past,” reads the official The Classic Car Trust (TCCT) site description.

“The fascinating body designs, the bespoke interiors, the technology, the smell of leather and gasoline… Driving them is a real pleasure, and the sound of their engines is like music.”

Developed with Racing Unleashed exclusively for eClassic Racing Club members, this is essentially an opportunity to take a Sunday/Monday/whatever afternoon drive – sans eye-watering ongoing costs and environmental damage – in completely immersive virtual set-ups powered by software normally reserved for race driver training.

On the physical aspect of things, you can expect pedals, gear shifters, even steering wheels of old, three HD screens, Logitech sound system, as well as a hydraulic system to replicate motion – all housed in monoposto racer-inspired bodies by Pininfarina and Zagato. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say this is what you’ll soon find in the lounge room, garage, and basement of every true connoisseur.

Simulators are paired to the eClassic Racing Club app, which provides training sessions, coaching programs, a library of cars to enjoy, while connecting you to an “unparalleled” and “dynamic” community. You can take it into single-player mode for a quiet, solitary drive; or multiplayer modes for a more competitive play.

While the pricing for a TCCT eClassic, we do know it’s due to release sometime next year.