Modern engineering reaches the peak cool factor whenever it resembles anything remotely close to fiction, science or otherwise. Which is exactly why you're reading this article right now. 

In the video above, you'll be able to experience a Toyota TS030 Hybrid switching over from its electric engine to its combustion engine. The sound? Well, lets just say the Le Mans prototype sits somewhere between the Nolan-verse Batmobile and a Star Wars pod racer. At least in the eyes/ears of this particular dork who knows next to nothing about cars.

For those of you more knowledgeable in the craft of cars and all things motor-wheeley, and who will definitely appreciate a lengthier demonstration, the video below features the on-board footage, showcasing the driver's view of the track run. Again, something outside my usual wheelhouse of general knowledge, but shit starts to get insane around the 1:10 timestamp. So be sure the check it out.