The Best Part About the “Dadbod” Craze.

The Best Part About the “Dadbod” Craze.

Unless you have been significantly ‘unwired’ over the past few days, or you don’t participate in social media (which makes it unlikely you are reading this, and if this is the case I’d love to know how a strict no-social-media policy in this day and age feels like) you have probably come across countless articles and mentions of the new “dadbod” craze. If you haven’t, buy all means take this very moment to open yourself up a new tab and type it in, or alternatively search ‘Leonardo Di Caprio topless’ (you can thank me later). Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the dadbod.

It has come out of nowhere, and has surely had men rejoicing all around the world, particularly if they fit this description. Probably a little similar to women #curvy, #nothighgap #fit type scenarios that females subject themselves too. By all means, these guys should revel in their time to shine. Finally Channing has moved aside. There has been commentary of all sorts surrounding this latest hype. Be it positive or negative, but my favourite part of the dadbod craze, is the fact that it is shedding light on the ideals that are present in our society. Often these are focused around women, but through all of it men have been facing these pressures too. Our reaction? Our reaction should not be that the dadbod is giving males an excuse to be ‘lazy’ or ‘let themselves go’ but rather be themselves.

This is by no means promoting an unhealthy existence. Its like saying a curvy woman is lazy and doesn’t take pride in herself. Since when did society expect that our men walk around with a six back and cloud arms whilst our women walk around with a flat stomach, thigh gap and perfectly sculpted arms. The best part about the dadbod craze, is it promotes being exactly how you want to be. Whether that be a six pack or not as a man, a bubble butt or not as a woman. Skinny, curvy, short or tall it doesn’t matter.

Ultimately it’s about the person you are and somewhere along this superficial rollercoaster we have forgotten this. We are too busy working on our calves to focus on our attitude, too busy pushing up to focus on our compassion and too busy sitting up to focus on our character. The mark of a true person, no matter what their size is their heart, and we are getting to wrapped up in the hype. Dadbod or not, who cares. The dadbod has finally got males emotionally invested in the concept of self worth, image and media hype. Comments and opinions from everyone male and female, celebrity and not are suddenly impacting them and women are on the sideline, seeing whether their thoughts and actions align with their opinions when they’re the subject.

To all the dadbods out there – enjoy your time to shine! Let’s embrace who we are, do what makes us happy, and worry about the real trials and tribulations of life with a little bit of perspective.