From 2 Million Photos: The Top Shots Of Obama’s Presidency

This week marks one year (yes, really) since American politics went from one side of the spectrum to the stark opposite.

A lot has been learnt about two-term President Barack Obama only since his days in office came to a close. One man who is perhaps best qualified to recount the intricacies of the former President is Pete Souza, the official White House Photographer of the eight year administration.

Pete’s book, ‘Obama: An Intimate Portrait’ features some 300 photographs and personal anecdotes from an estimated 2 million photographs in total over the years.

While Pete is adamant he won’t choose his favourite picture – or even his top few – he has made it known that those in the gallery above (along with a few BH selected favourites) are some that hold a special place on his presumably hundreds of SD cards.