This 24 Year Old Has Achieved More Than You Ever Will…And He’s A Paraplegic

When Dylan Alcott was just three days old, doctors were forced to remove a watermelon sized tumour from his spine, rendering him unable to use the lower half of his body for the rest of his life. For most, this would prove to be a challenge that they would struggle to get past for the rest of their lives.

Alcott however, has embraced this disability and takes every opportunity thrown at him. At the age of 24 he has won a Paralympic Gold Medal in wheelchair basketball (the youngest ever at 17), holds a world record for the longest continuous playing of wheelchair tennis (24 hours straight), and won his first Grand Slam wheelchair tennis at the 2015 Australian Open Men’s Singles.

Oh, and he’s rapped on stage to Break Ya Neck with Wu Tang Clan.

What’s most impressive however, is Alcott’s attitude and outlook on life, which we’ll let you enjoy in the video above.

Video courtesy of the guys and girls at PLGRM. For more of their awesome videos, check them out on Facebook