Daniel Ricciardo’s L.A. Off Season Will Get You Motivated


If you’re like most of us, holidays generally mean a drop in fitness levels. Pizza doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, that dessert buffet seems like a pretty bloody good idea, and who can resist a cold beer in the warm summer sun?

Daniel Ricciardo on the other hand is a man who does not let the fitness cycle skip a few cogs. He cranks it up a gear.

During the Formula 1 off season, the man with F1’s biggest smile has been camped out at his temporary HQ in Santa Monica. He’s putting himself through a gruelling training program to cope with the added body strain the 2017 F1 cars are going to bring and being 4 seconds a lap quicker on some tracks, that’s likely to be a lot more strain.

But life isn’t all bad when your major sponsors are Red Bull, Aston Martin and Puma. The gym is Red Bull’s own custom facility just off the beach in Santa Monica, and his daily drive has been an Aston Martin DB11. It’s tough at the top.