Dusty Martin Is On A Bender So Large His Car Is Still At The ‘G

Everyone’s favourite AFL larrikin/superstar (and not the other way round), Dustin Martin, is going to town after his Richmond Tigers enjoyed their second flag in three seasons against GWS last month.

So much so, the man is yet to return to the MCG to pick up his car a massive 11 days after his Grand Final win. The Herald Sun reported that Martin hadn’t arranged for his car to be picked up after the game, with The Age confirming this afternoon that it hasn’t moved from the MCG carpark – at all – since it’s arrival pre-game.

And it’s not that the man isn’t bothered about his wheels, it appears he’s been having such a loose time enjoying post-Grand Final celebrations that he just hasn’t been around (or sober enough) to pick it up.

The best part is that Dusty isn’t in even in the country. Somehow (why not?), the shenanigans have stretched to Las Vegas with former Collingwood gun Dane Swan, who has been sharing the duo’s adventures on Instagram.

The MCG has kindly kept a close eye on Dusty’s car, making sure the Norm Smith Medallist’s whip doesn’t see the back of a tow-truck.

Oh, and he’s also dressed up as the Peaky Blinders. Play on fellas.