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The 12 Best Golf Clothing Brands To Look Fairway Fresh (2024)
— 14 May 2024

The 12 Best Golf Clothing Brands To Look Fairway Fresh (2024)

— 14 May 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

It pays to know what the best golf clothing brands are in 2024.

And considering how on-course performance apparel has recently collided with modern fashion at a delightfully stylish intersection, looking fresh on the fairway has never been easier.

Gone are the days of baggy tartan pants, other manners of traditional garb, and conservative pro-shop threads. Here are our picks of the best golf shirts (and best golf clothing brands) for 2024.

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Birds of Condor

best golf shirts

It wouldn’t be a list of the best golf apparel brands in 2024 if we didn’t give the nod to Byron Bay-born Birds of Condor.

Looking through the lens of Australiana, as well as taking design cues from surf culture and the music scene, this is definitely one of the more notable golf fashion brands to emerge in the past few years; charmingly casual from the traditional golf polo and edgy button downs to Legionnaire hats. 

Polos start from $89.95.

adidas Golf

best golf shirts

Trust adidas to create golf apparel for every conceivable step of the golfing experience, from quality performance-focused shoes to lightweight and comfortable shirts.

Typically favouring the classic look with highly functional materials and performance essentials, you can’t really go wrong with any new kit from the footwear giant that is adidas. If you’re after a golf shirt, we’re particularly fond of the Ultimate365 range with its stretchy piqué fabric made from recycled materials.

Polos start from $80.

Under Armour

best golf shirts

As one of the best sporting apparel brands around, Under Armour’s continued push into golf bolstered by the likes of Jordan Spieth as well as Steph Curry makes complete sense.

The UA golf range is well-rounded and includes everything from your shirts and shoes to trousers and even umbrellas, with swag that looks good whether you’re on the green or in the clubhouse. The golf-focused skews away from tradition in favour of a modern bold take on convention (though not enough to scratch the distinctively on-par aesthetic).

Polos start from $50 ($35 due to a sale at the time of this re-publishing).

Random Golf Club

Best Golf Clothing Brands To Look Fairway Fresh (2024): Random Golf Club

Just one look at the collection from Random Golf Club should tell you how much Erik Anders Lang lives and breathes the sport.

Minimalism is at the centre of this vintage-inspired brand, which informs everything from hats and hoodies to towels and golf shirts, with inspiration taken from Lang’s golfing expeditions around the world. Another brand looking to bring the cool back into golf, the designs are varied and show a little personality that is sometimes lacking from the big brands.

Polos start from $99.93 ($55.35 due to a sale at the time of this re-publishing).

Alf & Wood

Yet another premium golf-inspired lifestyle label, Alf & Wood is a must-know name in this burgeoning space.

Drawing inspiration from the heritage of golf, this is an excellent marriage between vintage aesthetics and modern design, resulting in quality garments that are guaranteed to perform on and off the course.

Polos start from $95.

Nike Golf

With big names such as Michelle Wie West, Rory McIlroy, and up until recently after a legendary 27-year partnership, Tiger Woods on its current roster (more on the latter further down), there’s little wonder about Nike’s reputation as a golf apparel juggernaut.

Offering everything your heart could desire while you’re out on the green, from shorts and shirts to hats and of course footwear, Nike has something for everyone with classic styles and beyond with sustainable high-performance fabrics.

Polos start from $75. 

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Malbon Golf

Best Golf Clothing Brands To Look Fairway Fresh (2024): Malbon Golf

Whether it’s the brand’s collaborations with Nike, adidas, or Budweiser — or perhaps even celebrity nods from the likes of Justin Bieber — Malbon Golf has become a serious player over the past few years.

Bringing a fashion-focused edge to the green, the Cali-inspired brand may now be the most recognisable on this list. They’ve somehow managed to be fiercely anti-establishment in the face of golf’s traditions, yet widely accepted thanks to their irresistible focus on gear you’d wear both on and off the course. 

Polos start from $170.


Although their foray into golfing fashion is relatively young compared to the other entrants of this best golf clothing brands list, 7Diamonds has evidently waves for younger enthusiasts of the sport, and is fast becoming one of the best golf shirt producers around.

The focus on premium fabrics and small details has paid off well, springing off a successful PGA Merchandise Show debut with sophisticated polos and chinos among the standout designs.

Polos start from US$79 (AU$119).

Asher Golf

Although they may be best known for their high-quality leather golf gloves, Asher still offers some premium golfing apparel products at a premium price.

Thinking about more than just your hands, Asher also has a range of hats, cashmere sweaters, jackets, and beyond, providing its customers with an entire range of apparel for the links and beyond.

Polos start from US$85 (AU$128).


If it’s good enough for Rickie Fowler, then PUMA Golf is certainly good enough for you scratch-wannabes.

Their highly functional and (most importantly) breathable gear has been a favourite on the course for years. Best known for their no-fuss simplicity when it comes to performance-geared golf clothing, Puma’s statement pieces add a little flavour to an otherwise classic collection.

Polos start from $60.

Lululemon Golf

Lululemon has moved into golfing gear rather seamlessly.

While you probably still associate the brand with yoga mums, and its golfing range isn’t by any means extensive, the ubiquitous Canadian activewear brand delivers classic staples made from performance-focused fabrics. Expect nothing but breathable designs and simplicity from Lululemon, focusing on consistency and function over flashiness. You’ve come to play, after all.

Polos start from $65.

Sun Day Red

Best Golf Clothing Brands To Look Fairway Fresh (2024): Tiger Woods Sun Day Red TaylorMade

The world waited with bated breath after the dissolution of Tiger Woods’ 27-year marriage with Nike earlier this year. But all questions regarding the 15-time major winner’s next move have since been answered with a lifestyle brand he’s established in collaboration with TaylorMade Golf: Sun Day Red.

Tiger Woods initially inked a contract with TaylorMade for clubs (and Bridgestone for balls) shortly after Nike ceased production of golfing equipment back in 2016. With Sun Day Red — the name itself a playful reference to the billionaire GOAT’s career-long signature — this partnership has been extended to an entire line of apparel and footwear; all emblazoned with a tiger logo stretched across the magic words (iconic red golf shirt and all).

As the website itself proclaims, Sun Day Red is a brand that “promises to bring a new and elevated standard to performance wear and luxury lifestyle fashion” with clothes featuring “never-before-seen patterns, fabrication, and technical detailing intended to elevate all levels of play.”

Polos start from $120.

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What To Look For In A Golf Shirt

Breathability, flexibility, UV protection, and “wicking” are just a handful of the common apparel terms used when describing golf shirts, so it’s best to understand each of them to the tee.

Ideally, you want performance fabrics that’ll keep you cool and make you feel comfortable on the golf course. Which is precisely why dedicated golf clothing brands are always a wise choice, as you want something that’s been specifically designed for your golf wardrobe.

Generally, golf shirts will stretch two ways, across the grain. Any golf shirts that claim they stretch four ways will expand both across and lengthways, resulting in better freedom of movement. 

Moisture management or moisture-wicking tech fabric draws sweat and all manners of perspiration from the skin to the exterior of the garment; it’s much easier for the moisture to evaporate on the surface of the fabric than when it’s between the shirt and the skin.

The better the golf shirt is at wicking, the more breathable it’ll be. Some golf shirts even contain intelligent nanoparticles embedded into the fabric to prevent the build-up of bacteria produced when you sweat.

It’s also worth noting the types of performance fabrics you might come across, including cotton, wool, and polyester. Most fibres naturally absorb some UV radiation, and some have elastic threads that pull the fibres tightly together, reducing the spaces between the holes.

In Australia, anything with a UPF rating as high as +50 is a win.

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