Floyd Mayweather Will Fight YouTuber Logan Paul In An Exhibition Match

floyd mayweather logan paul

In a turn of events which would ordinarily provoke the general population to question what timeline they were living in – but perfectly on-brand with 2020 – the undefeated professional boxer and former 15-time world champion Floyd Mayweather has announced he will be facing off against notorious YouTuber Logan Paul in a “super exhibition” bout.

Rumours and speculation surrounding this have been present for some time now, with the vast majority having dismissed the very notion based on every logical instinct coded into human DNA. Logic and reason, however, are nothing but two-syllable words in the face of a monstrous potential audience and an even larger paycheck, hence Mayweather’s ostensibly legitimate reveal via Instagram.

The last time the 43-year-old stepped into the ring was during New Year’s Eve in December 2018 against Japanese kickboxing prodigy, Tenshin Nasukawa, in an exhibition bout. Mayweather knocked young Nasukawa down three times in just 139 seconds before Nasukawa’s corner threw the towel in. Mayweather cashed in an easy-breezy US$9 million.

Previous to that in 2017, Mayweather famously threw hands with the UFC’s Conor McGregor in one of history’s richest boxing events. For comfortably securing a technical knockout against the prolific Irishman with no substantial risk during Round 10, Mayweather took home a hefty reported sum of US$275 million.

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So what of this upcoming bout? Easy money? Publicity stunt? Taking the piss? All over the above? Who the hell knows. But one thing is painfully clear: when you pit an athlete of Money Mayweather’s calibre with a 50-0 record earned from besting some of the sport’s most dangerous names against an over-validated dudebro who failed to defeat yet another internet personality twice (draw as an amateur; loss by split decision as a professional) – it’s essentially athletic commission sanctioned manslaughter with a pay-per-view revenue stream… and one we’ll eagerly await like the bloodthirsty cockroaches we are.

Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to fight Logan Paul on February 20th of 2021. A venue and the undercard has yet to be announced; incidentally, in terms of the latter, Logan Paul’s younger brother Jake Paul recently triumphed over retired NBA player Nate Robinson in the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr exhibition match before publicly issuing a challenge to Conor McGregor. Again, while this is something that would ordinarily be dismissed, given the current circumstances, who knows? It may actually be a material possibility.