Polara’s ‘Illegal’ Golf Balls Only Fly Straight

With the exception of maybe ~12% of the total world population, golf is something that many cannot claim a sincere mastery over. That is until this very moment, with an innovation that can only be described as an adult bowling bumper – tournament ‘illegal’ golf balls that only fly straight.

From the cutting-edge laboratories of Polara Golf comes this gamechanger game corrector: The Polara Ultimate Straight. And it’s all thanks to the wonderful science of aerodynamics.

Polara Illegal Golf Balls

With a combination of shallow dimples – which reduces lift and establishes preferred spin axis – and deep dimples – which reduces drag and enhances weight distribution – your slices and hook shots will apparently steer (more) directly on target.

In terms of tangible metrics, Polara is claiming that a 100 feet slice on your regular golf ball will only clock in about 25 feet on one of theirs. Meaning you’re more likely to stay on the fairway instead of having to shamefully fetch it from a creek or make the dreaded amateur sandtrap shot.

Though you’d be mistaken in thinking only us lowly mortals would consider a Polara golf ball. As it so happens, PGA professional Rick Shiels himself has tested one out. You can get his take on all this in the video linked below.

As for the ordinary folk out there who harbour any desire to improve their game on the green immediately, find out more at polaragolf.com. And feel free to report back with results of these illegal golf balls (some of us at BH are extremely interested).

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