Jeff Bezos & Jay-Z Are Looking To Purchase This NFL Team For $5 Billion
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
— 4 November 2022

Jeff Bezos & Jay-Z Are Looking To Purchase This NFL Team For $5 Billion

— 4 November 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Before the stake for an official “For Sale” sign has even driven into the FedEx Field’s front lawn – home stadium to the Washington Commanders – reports are suggesting both Amazon founder/world’s fourth richest man Jeff Bezos and rapper/mogul Jay-Z have lined up to bid on the NFL team (potentially in partnership with one another).

The rumour mill has been working overtime ever since current Washington Commanders co-owner Dan & Tanya Snyder announced they’d hired Bank of America Securities to explore potential transactions involving the franchise.

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Washington Commanders co-owners Dan & Tanya Snyder.
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While Dan Snyder didn’t specify whether they were looking to sell the entire team or a minority percentage, he did note they would be “exploring all options.” This could very well mean ending their 20+ year stewardship; having purchased what was then controversially referred to as the Washington Redskins for US$750 million circa 1999.

According to CBS Sports, should Snyder decide to sell the lot, the price tag could be in the airspace of US$5 billion. For reference, the last team that went up for sale was the Denver Broncos – which Bezos also attempted to buy – eventually snapped up by Walmart heir Rob Walton for an eye-watering US$4.65 billion. The Commanders, on the other hand, are worth an estimated US$4.7 billion.

Of course, money wouldn’t exactly be an issue for someone with Jeff Bezos’ net worth, and the deal would undoubtedly be even easier to pony up for if he enlists fellow billionaires such as Jay-Z. The only real hurdle would be obtaining the necessary approval from the league’s 32 owners.

“Any potential transaction would have to be presented to the NFL Finance Committee for review and require an affirmative vote by three-quarters of the full membership (24 of 32 teams),” the NFL stated earlier this week.

Sources indicate Bezos already has “strong support within the league.”

Jeff Bezos Denver Broncos NFL Team

As touched upon earlier, this isn’t exactly the first glimpse of Jeff Bezos’ NFL-related ambitions. Around this time last year, the part-time Bond villain was reportedly in discussion to become the Denver Bronco’s latest owner. Incidentally, Jay-Z’s name was also in the mix this time around.

For context, the team’s previous owner Pat Bowlen had purchased the franchise for US$78 million in 1984 and had a relatively smooth time as its steward. Since his passing in June 2019, however, there had been a bitter ownership struggle between Bowlen’s seven daughters (lawsuits and all).

Prior to this, Jeff Bezos had been linked to four other NFL teams in the three years preceding his bid for the Broncos, including the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Chargers, Detroit Lions, as well as the Washington Commanders (again). The latter of which makes the most sense.

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“A big reason is because he’s already making roots in the area,” explains John Breech of CBS Sports.

“Not only does he own the Washington Post, but Amazon’s monstrous second headquarters (HQ2) is being built in nearby Arlington.”

“Not to mention, the value of the team would skyrocket with a new stadium, and that’s something Bezos would likely be able to get done if he becomes the new owner.”

Sixth time’s the charm?

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