Mike Tyson Reveals His Fight-Ready Physique With New Images

Mike Tyson Fight Ready New Images

Nothing will ever compare to Mike Tyson in his prime, although these latest images reveal a prospect that’s almost as terrifying: a motivated Tyson – the baddest man on the planet – armed with an imposing physique and wholly determined to make his comeback memorable.

Ahead of the 54-year-old’s eight-round exhibition fight against former four-division champion Roy Jones Jr., Iron Mike offered fans a preview of sorts via Instagram. Appearing to be in the right mental and physical condition for the upcoming hostilities – at least on face value – as you can imagine, the general consensus regarding Tyson in black-and-white was pretty unanimous.

What’s more impressive than the end result is what Mike Tyson endured to achieve, or rather re-achieve, this form. According to the man himself, he shed close to 60kg through intense training – a detail that’s not all too surprising when you consider all the training footage we’ve witnessed thus far.

Tyson retired back in 2005 with a 50-6 record after being soundly defeated by journeyman Kevin McBride. Jones, on the other hand, retired in 2018 with a 66-9 record. Given both fighters were renowned for their speed and devastating knockout potential, it’ll certainly make for entertaining viewing.

Although we should factor in a) the age of both fighters, b) the fact this will be for charity, and much to the annoyance of Tyson and Jones, c) the commission’s decision enforce 2-minute rounds. Meaning the carnage will probably be dialled back a touch.

“I kept fighting until the last minute, saying, ‘Why we fighting two-minute rounds?’ I don’t understand that,” says Tyson.

“We’re not women. We’re two of the best to ever do it. Two minutes doesn’t do anything for him or for me… It was advantageous for everybody to keep it to three minutes.”

The moment of truth was initially scheduled to take place on September 12th at the Dignity Health Sports Park in California. In an attempt to maximise revenue, however, the event was delayed. Mike Tyson will now officially make his return against Roy Jones Jr at STAPLES Centre in Los Angeles on November 28th.