Tom Brady Helped Antonio Brown Secure His $322,000 Bonus In The Last Two Minutes Of A Game

Tom Brady Antonio Brown 45 Passes Bonus - $250,000

When Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown signed his one-year contract back in October, there was a juicy financial stipulation included within the fine print. If Brown somehow managed to successfully catch a lofty total of 45 passes before a certain deadline, he would be rewarded with a sizeable US$250,000 bonus (~AU$322,000) on top of his US$1 million base salary (~AU$1.29 million). In the final two minutes of last weekend’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, fellow teammate and top bloke – Tom Brady – made sure Antonio Brown got his payday.

Heading into the match, Brown had recorded 34 catches in the year, meaning he’d have to catch 11 more. At first, it was something that seemed rather unlikely given how he’d only managed four receptions by the end of the third quarter. If Brown wanted that bonus, he’d have to somehow record another seven during the next 15 minutes of play.

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Brown admirably powered through in spite of the odds stacked against him to gain another four. Admirable or not, however, it still wouldn’t be enough. To make matters worse, the Buccaneers didn’t exactly need to make any more passes either with the score already sitting at 44-27 in their favour – and only two minutes left on the clock. According to CBS Sports, the team was in a position where they could simply “kneel on the ball”, run out the clock, and seal the win without having to risk anything.

Instead of “kneeling on the ball”, good guy Brady decided it was worth putting in some extra-curricular work to help his teammate out. During a first down play, the quarterback threw a screen to Brown – that was one. On the next play immediately after, Brady made sure he threw a shovel pass at Brown’s direction – that was two. And then one play later, Brady did the exact same thing from just 30 centimetres away. Now that’s a bro move.

If the Buccaneers win the next Super Bowl, Antonio Brown will enjoy an extra US$750,000 worth of cheddar (AU$965,170.50) on top of everything else – which I’m sure Tom Brady will also be more than willing to help out with.