IKEA Releases Pillow Fort Instructions

Broadly speaking, lockdown has instigated a population wide phase of regression. No one wants to put pants on anymore, diets consist of candy and bullshit, almost everyone’s relying on bottles, gaming has gone through the roof – you get the idea. Now comes the final nail in the coffin… IKEA pillow fort instructions to keep us all occupied like a bunch of latchkey kids.

Officially released by IKEA Russia, an entire array of instructions are now available for those who want to play lounge room architect. Nostalgia, self-care, mental breakdown – whatever the reason for this very specific inclination, the information is free to access. And from what we’ve seen, it seems to be far easier to comprehend than your usual IKEA flatpack directions.

Each pillow fort configuration is comprised of everyday household items. Individually, they’re chairs, lamps, bed sheets, and Christmas lights. But together, they become something more. A temporary safe haven devoid of responsibility, hostility (mostly), and maturity.

Currently, there’s a total of six different IKEA pillow fort designs. Cynicism and eyerolling aside, it is an alternative from the standard lockdown routine of watching the hours go by one episode at a time. And perhaps a pillow fort could actually heighten said lockdown routine – who knows?